PROJECT LEAD: Jonathan Neville

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Multicentre Retrospective Study of Magnet and Button Battery Ingestion in Children

Ingestion of button batteries and magnets by children is associated with significant morbidity in Paediatric Surgery. The current scale of the issue in the United Kingdom is unknown. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the problem is increasing, especially during the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


This retrospective service evaluation study aims to examine the scale of button battery and magnet ingestion in paediatric surgery tertiary centres, describe the morbidity and mortality, and finally estimate the cost to the NHS. 



A multi-centre, retrospective case note review over a 1 year period conducted in paediatric surgery tertiary centres. Eligible patients are those <16 who have ingested at least one magnet or button battery. The primary outcome will be intervention rates (of any type). Of particular interest will be operative interventions including endoscopy and laparotomy, and patient outcomes. 


- April 2021: Data collection completed. Analysis of results ongoing and will be revealed soon.