Tristan Boam is a paediatric surgery trainee with a research interest in oncology and evidence-based surgery. At the moment he is based in the Midlands and Norfolk areas, and likes to go climbing in his free time. Tristan is currently leading the National Cross-Speciality Survey of Practice for Paediatric Emergency Testicular Fixation, a collaborative study with general surgery and urology. This will hopefully give a snapshot of the UK practice of this procedure.

Aileen Rooney is a trainee in paediatric surgery based in Scotland. She has worked in various fields in paediatric surgery and has contributed key work in colorectal and anorectal malformations.

John Hallett is a SCREDS Clinical Lecturer and Specialty Registrar in paediatric surgery at the University of Edinburgh and Scottish training consortium, He has previously worked as a registrar in London and the south east of England.


He is a stem cell biologist and has completed a cancer research UK PhD in this field; his research primarily focuses on translational research, developing treatments for liver and biliary diseases using human stem cells and organoids. He is also involved in collaborative and clinical research projects.


John lives in Glasgow with his wife and daughter. Follow him on twitter @mrjohnhallett